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Continuing his exploration into a more melodic sound with multi-platinum producer Soké (of Banx & Ranx), Mindflip recently released “Thank You Life”, the 3rd single from his forthcoming hybrid EP, “Duality: The Life of a Gemini”


Borrowing elements from indie dance, hip-hop and pop music, “Thank You Life” is a fun, uplifting track about gratitude and self-belief which can be easily summed up as ‘music with a message’.  Beyond the groovy drums and catchy melodies, Mindflip takes a moment to appreciate his success thus far while also inspiring others to look within to find the confidence they need to achieve their dreams.  While the Gatineau, QC native is most known for his 90’s/2000’s style Hip-Hop, unity and positivity are themes that have consistently featured within his lyrical content. 





Living by the mantra, “The only limitations we have are the ones we set ourselves”, Mindflip knows a thing or two about adversity.  Born with Tourette’s Syndrome, he went from having a fear of being limited by his condition to using it to power his dreams.  First releasing music professionally in 2018, Mindflip has quietly been making a name for himself with his modern take on 90’s/2000’s style Hip-Hop amassing more than 40 million streams over the last 4 years.  


In 2021, Mindflip grabbed the industry’s attention with his now Gold certified track, “Run My Shit” (12.3M+ streams) which rose to the top of popular Spotify playlist, Hot Hits Canada and also reached the Top 10 on Spotify Canada’s Viral 50 charts.  Having carved out a lane for himself with his signature 90’s/2000’s style Hip-Hop, Mindflip hit his fans with something a bit different in 2022 with the track, “Exquisite”.  Considered his most commercially viable track to date, “Exquisite” tapped into a new sound that Mindflip has been working on with multi-platinum producer Soké of Banx & Ranx (Sean Paul, Dua Lipa, Diplo).  Packed with groovy drums, catchy melodies and Mindflip’s intricate flow, the song broke onto Canadian Top 40 radio peaking at #31 and has remained on the charts for the last 16 weeks and counting.   With his forthcoming debut EP appropriately titled, “Duality: The Life of a Gemini”, the 7-track hybrid project will feature both his signature and new sound showcasing his versatility and “both sides of his Gemini”.

In 2022, Mindflip racked up over 11.3M audio streams, 7.4M video views and 46K Shazams as well as placements on editorial playlists such as Pop All Day, Hip-Hop Central, It’s A Bop, The Plug, Made in Quebec, Fresh Hip-Hop, Rotation North, Flux & Canadian Come-Up to name a few. Other highlights include playing the main stage at Quebec's premier Hip-Hop festival, Metro Metro, opening for Redman & Method Man in Montreal and selling-out his debut hometown headline show among others. Mindflip ended 2022 on a high note by landing on Spotify’s Best Hip-Hop Songs of 2022 playlist and Amazon’s Best of 2022 Canadian Hip-Hop playlist.  Having built an impressive track record over the past few years, Mindflip is ready to claim his spot in the conversation of Canadian artists to watch in 2023.

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